Where should I send a new contract?

Where can I find your fee schedule?

How do I register for access to the MJH Portal?

I have access to the MJH Portal, does my client?

What if my client or I have forgotten our MJH Portal password?

How do I protect my client from becoming a victim of wire fraud?

 All new contracts can be sent via email to ORDERS@MJHFIRM.COM.

Our fees can be found by using our free TITLE QUOTE APP.  Here you can input the sales price and/or loan amount and obtain an accurate estimate of your clients closing costs, which will include our firm's fees for closing. 

Once our firm has opened a file for your real estate transaction, first-time users will receive an email notification requesting you to register for an account. Once registered, you will not have to re-register for other transactions with our firm. If you do not receive this email, please check your SPAM folder or contact our office. You can also visit our MJH PORTAL.

Absolutely. Once the new contract or title request is received by our office, the file will be opened and assigned to a paralegal. It is very important you provide us with your client's email address(s) with the contract so they can receive an invitation to register for portal access. You can visit our MJH PORTAL.

No problem at all.  Previously registered users can visit the MJH PORTAL and click on the "forgot password" button to use their email address to reset their password.

Please refer to our WIRE FRAUD GUIDE to help protect you and your client from becoming a victim and for helpful tips if you believe you have fallen victim to wire fraud.