A corporate lawyer operates on behalf of a client in a position of counsel, offering critical touchpoints and legal guidance on important day-to-day issues from drafting documents to at worst, filing a lawsuit. Over the years, McManamy Jackson Hollis has developed a strong record of providing legal counsel to privately or closely held corporations. In this advisory role, our clients are provided with sound legal advice based on our enhanced and close working relationship and situational knowledge of their unique business status and concerns

  • Initial Corporate Formation and Ongoing Governance

  • Operating Agreements for Multiple Members Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

  • Shareholder Agreements for Multiple Shareholder Corporations

  • LLC Member and Corporation Shareholder Buy-Outs

  • Employment Contracts and Covenants

  • Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Supplier Agreements

  • Asset-Based Financing

  • Dispute Resolution

With every client, we ask ourselves: how do we best achieve our client's business goals and intentions. This process is as much an art as it is a science. Our lawyers fully understand that sometimes a legal expert in a particular field is required to properly handle the client’s needs (i.e. labor, intellectual property, environmental lawyer). To this end, McManamy Jackson Hollis retains solid relationships with the best legal minds in the State of Georgia.


At McManamy Jackson Hollis, we recognize most privately held companies are very cost-conscious when it concerns legal expenses. Therefore, and to give our clients certainty and predictably, our firm encourages fixed fee billing as a viable alternative to open-ended hourly rate billing. 

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