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An associate attorney in McManamy Jackson Hollis' Savannah office, Amelia Smith focuses on the final component of the closing transaction while providing positive communication and customer service between buyers and sellers, and working with the attorneys to complete pending purchase agreements and oversees the closing checklist for all real estate sales.


This includes facilitating detailed communications between all parties involved with each individual contract (buyers, sellers, lenders, agents, etc.) and request any payoffs, HOA information, taxes, and any invoices that may need to be collected on the settlement statement. In addition to the collection and distribution of real estate documents, Amelia also coordinates the preparation of final sequence of closing packages to ensure an easy and informative flow during the actual closing process. 


Originally from Jefferson, Ga., Amelia graduated from Georgia Southern University with a B.B.A. in Marketing and a J.D. from Savannah Law School. Prior to her work with MJH, she previously served as the case manager for the Miles Mediation and Arbitration Savannah office.