Staying informed with proper communication and timely attention to the details (listed below) are essential to a successful closing experience. Upon full execution of the contract:






  • Prepare for the home inspection. Sellers should not be on site, but available by phone to answer any questions. Be sure all utilities are on in order for the inspection to be completed.

  • Review the terms of the contract and schedule any repairs that were included. As a general rule of thumb, all repairs should be completed prior to closing; but, it would also be wise to have completed in advance so the buyer and their agent can have ample time to approve the repairs.

  • Copies of repair invoices and scope of work may be required to be submitted to the buyer's lender if the repair was a loan requirement. Have the appropriate paperwork handy just in case.

  • Gather contact information regarding any Homeowners Associations (HOA), current mortgages and/or equity lines of credit.

Follow up with closing attorney:

  • Provide all applicable information to the closing attorney's office.  Items include: contact information for any homeowners association's, mortgage companies, lines of credit. IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time do not request any further advances on any lines of credit as it will cause a delay in closing.

  • Be sure to provide your forwarding contact information. Important for receiving documents and funds from closing.

  • All seller's will be required to complete a W-9 for closing.  You will be required to provide your social security number and forwarding address prior to closing.  Our firm takes the privacy of our client's data very seriously. Completed W-9's should be uploaded via the MJH PORTAL.

  • Notify the closing attorney at this time if you will not be attending closing. Arrangements for a mail out or Power of Attorney (POA) will need to be made in advance.  

Follow up with the closing attorney:​

  • Review and verify the Settlement Statement for accuracy.  

  • Be prepared to bring appropriate funds for closing if necessary. 

  • Please review the FUNDING POLICY to ensure proper funds are obtained for closing. 

What you should bring to closing:

  • Two forms of identification: (1) a government-issued ID with a photo (Driver's License, Passport, Military ID, etc. (2) no picture required (Insurance Card, Work ID, Social Security Card). Credit or debit cards cannot be accepted.

  • Certified funds or proof of wire confirmation. Also, please bring a personal checkbook in the event of any last minute changes requiring additional funds at closing.

  • If an individual is signing as Power of Attorney, that individual must bring the original POA to closing for recording.

  • Garage door openers, keys, mailbox keys, pool keys, gate keys, etc.

Helpful reminders:

  • Arrange transfer of house keys, gate keys, garage door openers, etc. with the buyer or your agent.

  • Be sure to update your mailing address with the US Postal Service, family & friends as well as financial institutions and other bills.

  • It is a good idea to provide your forwarding address and contact information to the buyer in case any mail, notices or packages are received during the transition period.

  • Transfer or stop utilities, cable/internet services, etc. in your name to avoid continued charges.

What you should expect from McManamy Jackson Hollis:​

  • Sellers will be provided at closing with a signed copy of the Settlement Statement.

  • Fully Executed documents will be sent via email or uploaded to the secure portal typically within 48 hours after closing if all conditions of the closing have been met.

  • Any proceeds due the seller will be released upon satisfaction of all funding requirements.  Please review the funding policy below for additional information.