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Seller Checklist


Schedule repairs

  • Prepare for the home inspection and be sure all utilities are on

  • Review the terms of the contract and schedule any repairs that were included - all repairs should be completed and approved by the buyer prior to closing

  • Gather contact information regarding any HOA, current mortgages, and/or equity lines of credit.


Follow up with the
closing attorney

  • Provide all applicable information to the closing attorney's office, such as contact information for the HOA or mortgage companies and any lines of credit. 

  • Be sure to provide your forwarding contact information in order to receive documents and funds from closing.

  • Complet your W-9 and upload it to the MJH PORTAL.


Post-closing process

  • Sellers will be provided at closing with a signed copy of the Settlement Statement.

  • Fully executed documents will be sent via secure email once all closing conditions have been met.

  • Any proceeds due to the seller will be released upon satisfaction of all funding requirements. 

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