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Commercial Real Estate

What makes it a commercial closing?

The primary difference between a commercial closing and a residential closing is simple - if you cannot live there, it is not residential - it's commercial. Commercial property has the potential to generate profit through capital gain or rental income and can be anything from an office building to a gas station.

Commercial Closings and MJH

Throughout 2020, commercial real estate proved itself stable and valuable despite uncertainties and unanticipated challenges.


The Covid-19 pandemic created a significant challenge in terms of the ability to predict investors’ outcomes and market setbacks. For MJH, the commercial contracts were consistent and unique. McManamy and Jackson were able to extend their legal knowledge to a wider range of clients through the addition of commercial deals, and Hollis was able to maintain his relationships with commercial clients.


That’s what was one of the biggest concerns to all three partners in anticipation of their merger – to ensure that each firm’s clients (agents, builders, lenders) understood that they would still be taken care of to the same degree and would now have even more people on their side.

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