Commercial real estate transactions are at a minimum, complex. A truly successful commercial real estate transaction requires lawyers with intimate experience and knowledge in the many nuances of local and county restrictions and procedures, in addition to well-constructed agreements to ensure all aspects of the deal are scrutinized and handled with the utmost care and due diligence. 

The acquisition, development, financing, sale, and leasing of commercial real estate, be it office space, industrial, or mixed-use, involves an array of issues ranging from zoning/land use, pre-closing due diligence, existing tenant concerns, financing and land covenants, land title issues, and corporate authority. Each step deserves quality time for a thorough and proper review to avoid post-closing pitfalls.  


While it may be tempting to use a lawyer with a myriad of practice area specialties, a commercial real estate transaction is not the time to leave anything to chance. At McManamy Jackson Hollis, our lawyers and staff live and breath real estate and have handled all facets of the commercial real estate transaction over many years for buyers, sellers, and lending institutions. We are dedicated to negotiating and closing the best deal on your behalf.  


Finally, it would be impractical not to address legal fees in a commercial transaction. Our firm has learned throughout the years and with many transactions our clients most appreciate a fixed fee arrangement or narrow range to properly budget and forecast the deal at hand as opposed to the worn out hourly billing arrangement.  McManamy Jackson Hollis not only considers this type of fee or billing arrangement, but heartily recommends it.

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